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The Viscounts/Broadway Clique

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:48 am    Post subject: The Viscounts/Broadway Clique Reply with quote

Got this wonderful message from Bryan Savage about some of the pictures identified as The Viscounts in the image gallery:

It must be a different Viscounts than the ones that became the Broadway Clique.That sounds like the most logical explanation for the discrepancy to me anyway. I didn't join the band till '68 but most of the rhythm section was the same then too, and the guys in the picture are all different. The Viscounts that became the Broadway Clique were actually a bit smaller band than the Broadway Clique . When the name was changed to the Broadway Clique, the band grew to 8 members from 6 or 7, including 2-3 horns. (The band at that time was: David McQuitty leader and lead vocals, Dick Brown drums, Jack Shelton organ, John Guin guitar, Gary Bush trumpet, Dan Rau sax, and the bass players name escapes me right now.)

On the picture dated '73, it looks like John Guin on guitar, and Gary Walton on bass. The drummer in the picture is Dick Brown who left the band around '69 or '70 to join the U.S Air Force. (He's been a commercial airline pilot all these years) Also in the band at that time were Jack Shelton on Hammond C-3 (like a B-3 but different style cabinet), David McQuitty band leader and lead singer, Terry Williams lead trumpet and myself on sax and flute. We always had an 8th member, usually a 2nd trumpet or trombone, depending on the year. Interestingly, when drummer Dick Brown left for the Air Force, the drummer that took his place was a lso named Dick Brown! Also telling about the date of the '73 picture--by 1970 Dave McQuitty, the leader, had us out of the pin-strip suit look and into wearing what they called "mod" clothing. Pictures of the 'mod' look now look silly, but the 60's pin-stripes in the picture still look good!

Years after I left the band (around '72) the band shortened its name to The Clique and carried on for decades with totally different members, but with McQuitty still managing them. Dave had a stroke awhile back but has become quite a recognized painter and still dabbles in management.

I was performing for a TV show that I play on a few weeks ago and John Guin (guitarist in the Broadway Clique) came out for the show and we got caught up. He's now teaching at the university in Warrensburg, MO which was where the band was formed. The band remained based in Warrensburg for many years.

After leaving the band in '72 I moved to Aspen CO and then to L.A. and had good success with albums under my own name in the smooth jazz radio format.

Hope this isn't info overload for you!

Enjoying the site!

Bryan Savage
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi - my name is Dick Brown - I am one of the original members and the first drummer in the Clique. Around 65-67 Dave McQuitty and I shared a similar vision for a new type of local band with horns. We were fraternity members and i used to play my drums in the room. At the time Dave was with the Viscounts who played in the local area. I sat in a few times with the Viscounts and out of the grew our friendship. Certain personalities of the band kept it from advancing and so Dave decided to form a new band. We found our players and our first practice was on 5 Sept 1967 at Jack Shelton's basement in KC. Bryan got the names of the first members right and the bass player's name was Jim White (who died in a car accident on Hwy 13 on the way home to Clinton). Although his death was after he left the band we replaced Jim with Gary Walton (Viscounts guitar player) - who was not only a superbly talented guitar player but picked up bass quickly and added a funk and punch to the band. We change the horn section and added a second trumpet in 68 and Brian was the first new member which was a super choice. His playing as many know was superb and of all of us - he was the most natural and talented musician and went on in life seeking a career in music. The rest is history.

I left the band in 70 to join the AF as a pilot to avoid the draft. The drummer that replace me had the same name a purchased my drumset. I ended up flying in thed AF for 21 years as a fighter pilot and upon retiring I went to work for American Airlines for the next 16.5 years.

We have our home in NH and retirement has been wonderful. If you have any questions drop me an email.


Dick Brown
First drummer in the Broadway Clique
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Joined: 31 Dec 1969
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks so much for sharing some of the band's history, Dick. I love hearing from some of KC's early rockers.


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