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In January of 2003 I was asked to help compile a listing of Kansas City bands from the early KC punk scene. As people started to find the site and contribute information the area of coverage began to expand to Lawrence, Wichita, Topeka, Columbia, Springfield and the timeline started to creep back into the '60s and stretch forward into 2000. While the bands covered expanded so did the site content. The site now hosts over 2,000 images of band photos, fanzines, reviews, CDs and records, tickets and more from Kansas City's rock history.

Accessing the thousands of pictures in this collection will require a usename and password. Scans of relevant images are preferred in exchange for access.

How do you paw through all of the text and pictures? The menu section at the top of each page contains links appropriate for the content of that page and is described in detail below.


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50s-70s bands
This section contains band rosters and photos of Kansas City and other Midwestern bands from the 1950s through the late '70s. Styles inlcude Jazz, Do-Wop, Folk, Country, Pop, Psychedelic, Garage, Faux British Invasion, Disco, Funk and Classic Rock. Pictures are from performances, records, posters etc. These images will require a usename and password to view.

70s-90s bands
The Kansas City area bands listed here covered a wide range of styles including Punk, Blues, Thrash, Jazz, Power Pop, Reggae, Electronic, Ska, Rockabilly, Industrial and Goth. Initially they could only be found in local VFWs or small halls that had been abandoned by the community but soon larger and more prominent clubs started to book indie acts that played sets comprised of mostly original material. The pictures are of the bands, demo tapes, EPs, 45s, reviews etc. These images will require a usename and password to view.

misc bands
Local Kansas City area bands from the early 1980s who sought gigs through United Entertainment. These images will require a usename and password to view.

venues & flyers
A listing of local Kansas City area venues accompanied by flyers, handbills, posters and schedules. These images are from the gallery and will require a usename and password to view.

Scans of show reviews from fanzines, record store ads and pictures of local KC compilations like KJHK/Redline's Fresh Sounds From Middle America, KY102's Homegrown and KLZR's Big Sandwich. These images are from the gallery and will require a usename and password to view.

concert tickets from Kansas & Missouri

autos & photos
Autographed items, concert photos, backstage passes, photographs, programs etc. from around the world. These images will require a usename and password to view.

media and music surveys
Hundreds of pictures of Kansas City television and radio personalities and quality scans of top 40 music surveys from WHB, KUDL, KBEQ and more.

web links
Other sites of interest.

I will cheerfully offer at least a month's worth of access to,, or in exchange for any relevant materials you might have to share for show flyers, posters and ads, band photos, band buttons, records, 45s, LPs and cassettes, tickets, backstage passes etc. Some examples:

ads from local record stores and ticket outlets like:
Rock Therapy, Love, Second Coming, Tiger's Records, Chosey Beggar, Peaches, Exile, Better Days, Kief's in Lawrence, Temple Slug, 7th Heaven and Caper's Corners

local fanzines/magazines/newspapers like:
"Westport Trucker Magazine", "Talk Talk" (Bill Rich), "Look Hear!" (KJHK), "The Rebel Waltz" (Keith Glimmer), "Bullet" (Lawrence), "MAXIMUM ROCK 'N ROLL" (Missouri and Kansas scene reports), "Gizmosis" (Jerry Stomp), "Club Foot", "Issue", "KC Scar", "Misery" (Columbia) and "Alternative America" (Blake Gumprecht)

ticket stubs from local venues like:
Allen Field House, Cowtown Ballroom, The Grand Emporium, Hoch Auditorium, Kemper Arena, Lawrence Opera House, Memorial Hall, Municipal Auditorium and The Uptown Theatre.

I would like to add flyers, photographs, ads etc. from vintage Kansas City venues like: The Aquarius, The Boom Boom Room, The Cavern, The Cowtown Ballroom, Freedom Palace, The Place, The Red Dog Inn, The Tee Pee and The Vanguard.

45s and LPs on local record labels like:
Angletone, Audio House, Big K, Brass, Cave, Century, Chapman, City Spark, Column One, Cowtown, Damon, Fairyland, Foremost, Forte, Gateway, Gil-Key, Great Orm, Holly, Homestead, KaRi, KTown, K-City, Karen, Lion, Moon, Mouth Music, N.M.I, Pearce, Probe, Shome, Titan (Kansas City, not Los Angeles), Troll, Trump and Westport.

local production & promotion companies like:
Mid-Continent Entertainment, New Sound Projections, Redline, Chris Fritz, Good Karma, Cowtown, Enigma, Concerts East, Concerts West, United, Contemporary, Midwest Productions, Black Diamond, New West, Sound Alternative Productions, SUA, KY102, KLZR, KUDL, Synergy, New Directions, Enigma, Beaver

I'm also interested in any info or images from these and other vintage Kansas and Missouri local bands like: - Ted Anderson & Company Car, Atlantic, Beast, The Blazers, The Blue Things, The Blue Velvets, Bluebeard, The Blues Garden, Broadway Clique, The Classmen, The Chessmann/Chessmann Square, Cocky Fox, The Continentals, Danny Cox, The Dawns, The Emeralds, The Fab Four, The Fabulous Flippers, Finnigan and Wood, Freedom Express, Fyre, The Galaxies, Gran Max, The Intruders, The Jerms, The Kordsmen, The Little Big Ones, Gary Mac & The Mac Truck, Madgic, Max Groove, Mystic Number National Bank, Nation, Oakridge, The Organtones, Pagen Ballet, Plato and the Philosophers, Red Dogs, The Reddlemen, The Rumbles, Sanctuary, The Serfs, The Silvertones, Snow White and The 68 Dwarfs, The Soulful Seven, The Sound of Syn, Spider and the Crabs, The Surfriders, The Thingies, The Vibrations, The Viscounts, Tide, White Clover.

demo tapes and compilations like:
Fresh Sounds From Middle America (especially #1, #2 & #4), 106.5 KCI's Kansas City Rocks! Moonshine, Kansas City Music Alliance "No Housing, No Peace!", "Everything's Fine on the Center of the Universe Kansas City Compilation", KLZR's "Big Sandwich", KY102's "Home Grown", Z99's "High Plains Rock", "Garage Band Legends Vol. 3: The Thingies Have Arrived!", "Midwest Garage Bands Series: Kansas", "Early Missouri Rockers" LP (Jan Records), "Shindig!", "Monsters Of The Midwest" Vol. 1 Cassette, "Monsters Of The Midwest", Vol. 2, Vol. 3 & Vol. 4 LPs, "Let's Have A Ball: Early Rock'n'Roll From The Midwest" Album, "Drink Beer! Yell! Dance!" Midwest Teen Band Frat and Garage Stompers 1961-1966)

Don't see your band listed? Do you have some of bands, records, tapes, shows, flyers or tickets to share with the site? You can e-mail images, additions, corrections and sass or post suggestions/memories on the message boards.

Before you leave check out the for sale section for vintage concert tickets, programs and back issues of MAXIMUMROCKNROLL.

many thanks for contributions from:
Jon Balcom
John Bara
Michael Bassin
Scott Born
Tom Bowman
Ryan Butler
Corky J. Carrel
Jeff Cole
Jay Cooper
Bob Cutler
Steve Dahberg
David DeChant
Duke Divine
Alice Doberman
Dan Fleming
Rhondda Francis
Bob Garrett
Mark G.E.
Jack Glassey
Michael Greenough
Bob Gustafson
Christian Hankel
Lucas Heckman
Matthew Heinrichs
Rick Hellman
Melissa Higgins
Gregg Jackson
Fowler Jones
Mona Katz
Bill Lavery
Richard Leip 
Estebon Leon
Gary Mallen
Dan Martin
Erin McGrane
Patrick Meagher 
Terry Melton
Mike Miller
Greg Moran
John Murphy 
Space Mummy
John Neiman
Jeff Porter
Marcy Roberts
Igor A. Rubchinsky
Eric Schotland
Scott Seitz
Fred Skellenger
Phil Smith
Dave Stuckey
Brendan deVallance
Cinna Turnbull 
Mike Wahweotten
Cris Walkinshaw
Mike Webber
Joe "Guido" Welsh
Sheldon Wheaton
Frank Womack
Rik Woods

*AB Photo Courtesy of Alan Barley
*AL Image Courtesy of Alan Linquist
*BC Image Courtesy of Brenda Clevenger
*BG Scan Courtesy of Bob Garrett
*BH Scan Courtesy of Brian Holland
*BT Photo Courtesy of Bob Travaglione
*BW Photo Coutesy of Bob Winkler
*CW Photo Courtesy of Carrie Watson
*CF Photo Courtesy of Curt Finke
*DB Photo Courtesy of Dave Bales
*ED Photo Courtesy of Elwyn Davis
*GG Scan Courtesy of George Gray
*HL Scan Courtesy of Harry Ledgerwood
*JB Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown
*JS Photo Courtesy of Joe Shaveyfelt
*KL Photo Courtesy of Karla Lukey
*LD Courtesy of
*LO Photo Courtesy of Lloyd C. Owen, Sr.
*MH Photo Courtesy of Mikki Harper
*MM Photo Courtesy of Mike Miller
*MW - Image Courtesy of Michael Weaver
*NCE - Photographed by Norvin Cecil Ennis/Courtesy of Norvin Dale Ennis
*NS Photo Courtesy of Norman Schwartz/Laurie Corrick
*RB Photo Courtesy of Randy Brown
*RF Photo Courtesy of Rob Forsythe
*RP Photo Courtesy of Rod Padley
*SK Photo Courtesy of Stephen Kroger
*SH Photo Courtesy of Steve Hartwich
*SH2 Photo Courtesy of Steve Hawkins
*SS Photo Courtesy of Scott Sargent
*TP Photo Courtesy of Tom Polley
*UR Photo Courtesy of Uncle Roy
*WDK Photo Courtesy of W. Dave Keith
* Photo Courtesy of Ed Muscari
** Scan Courtesy of
*** Photo Courtesy of Robin Japins
**** Photo Courtesy of Gregg Katz from
*WD Photo Courtesy of Wendi Dunnuck Many Fairyland Park Photos Courtesy of Nate Brancato
Mother Nature Pictures Courtesy of Mary Lou Anderson

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