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"I like what you're doing. How can I help?"
There are four ways you can help out: 1) Share images with us and your neighbors. People like to see images of old amusement parks, shopping centers, parks, motels, drive-in theatres, drive-in restaurants, events, stadiums, clubs, advertisements etc. There is a specific want list at the bottom of this page including E-MAIL and contact information. 2) Tell a friend or family member about the site. 3) Participate in discussions on the Message Boards. You don't have to use your E-MAIL address and you don't have to use your last name. Discussion is just as useful as images for sharing and celebrating memories. 4) is a labor of love. It's also very expensive to maintain. Of course there are hosting and domain fees but the largest expense is from accumulating postcards, yearbooks and photographs for you to enjoy. Some revenue is generated by selling yearbooks and photos but not nearly enough to keep the site up and running and continually updated with fresh images. If you like what we're doing and you would like to help out by making a donation in any amount. Donations of $5 or more will make the collection of vintage images available to you for the duration of the current month. You can send a check or Money Order to: Don Thompson c/o OldKC PO Box 8701 Kansas City, MO 64114 You can also send a donation via for instant access.

"What kind of images is OldKC looking for?"
At this point I am most interested in old family videos, 8mm films, slides or photographs of families or individuals at local amusement parks, drive-in movie theatres, lakes, concerts or businesses. Also interested in posters, flyers, records, cassette tapes, 45s, lps, photographs, promotional materials, backstage passes, reviews, ads, concert tickets etc. from local bands and local shows.

I'm always looking for photos or scans, dating from the 1950s-1970s, of any of the following:

300 DPI scans of concert ticket stubs from anywhere in the world
Pictures of the house you were born/raised in

A&P Grocery Store at 1327 East Santa Fe (circa 1964)
A&W Root Beer at 805 East Santa Fe
Alco at East Gate Shopping Center at 1201-1225 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Anything from the Town Square AKA Courthouse Square
B & B Dan's Cafe and C&C Service Station at Highways 50 and 169
Babb's Floral and Gift at 125 N. Chestnut
Ben Franklin
Bunch's Filling Station (Corner of Santa Fe and Kansas)
Arbie's Barber Shop (East side of the Courthouse Square)
Butternut Bread on Santa Fe (circa 1970)
Carpet Mart at 110 North Chestnut (circa 1974)
Cedar Lake on Lone Elm Road
Charmer Dress Shop at 101 East Park (circa 1967)
Christian's Restaurant at 112 East Park
Churches Chicken at 805 East Santa Fe (circa 1978)
Chutes at 200 North Lindwood Drive (circa 1978)
Cimco Beauty Salon (circa 1967)
Coast to Coast
The Colony Club (Midtown)
Connie's Western Wear (circa 1974)
Cornwell's (circa 1962)
Court House (circa 1952)
Cowley's Lumber and Hardware Co. at 307 West Santa Fe (circa 1974)
Curt and John's Conoco (circa 1968)
Custer's Last Stand Restaurant (fried chicken) at Ridgeview and Santa Fe
Dairy Queen at 503 Kansas City Road (circa 1969)
Dale's Body Shop (circa 1974)
Dari-Anne at 116 S. Kansas (circa 1964)
Daylight Donut Shop at Highway 7 and Park Street (circa 1964)
Denny's Restaurant (circa 1972)
Dillons at 588 East Santa Fe (circa 1978)
Dixon's Chili (circa 1970)
Eddy Arnold's Chicken Shop at 405 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Ernie Miller Nature Trails
Ethel's Beauty Salon (circa 1967)
FAA east of I-35 (circa 1960)
Fairway Theatre
Fairview Park on Spruce
Faith Baptist Church
Farmer Jones Drive-In (circa 1966)
Farmer's Union Co-Op / Grain Elevator
First National Bank at Kansas City Road & Santa Fe (circa 1972)
Fischer's Discount Furniture at 203 West Dennis (circa 1973)
Flavor Maid Do-nuts at 1307 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Food 4 Less at 810 US Highway 56
Forty-Wink Sleep Shoppe and Furniture Warehouse at 1200 US Highway 56 (circa 1974)
Frigid Food Locker
Frisco Lake on Dennis
George Burns Drug (circa 1970)
Gibson's Discount Store / G*Disco at 810 US Highway 56
Godfather's at 150 and Clairborne (circa 1978)
Green Hills Grocery at 1233 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Herbert's Barber Shop/Herbie's Barber Shop (circa pre-1964)
Hiatt Electric at 322 East Park (circa 1978)
Hughes Shoes at 105 East Park (circa 1972)
Hyer Boot Company on Park (circa pre-1964)
Jabbo's Bar B-Q at 105 North Chester (circa 1974)
Jack in the Box at 1804 East Santa Fe (circa 1978)
Jack's Burger Bar at 302 East Santa Fe (circa 1964)
Julien-Flaming Furniture (circa 1973)
K7 Views (circa 1950-1970)
Kansas Ave Views (circa 1950-1970)
Kansas City Road Views (circa 1950-1970)
Ken's Kards (circa 1974)
Kentucky Fried Chicken at 619 East Santa Fe (circa 1972)
King Radio (circa 1964)
King's Food Host at 1515 East Santa Fe (circa '60s-'70s)
K-Mart at 2000 East Santa Fe (circa 1978)
Krouts Party Pak at 206 West Loula(circa 1973)
Lake Olathe
Landmark Lumber Company (circa 1974)
Lincoln School - (circa 1960)
Long John Silvers at 607 East Santa Fe (circa 1971)
Lucky Bait and Tackle (pre 1979) / Brown's Bait Shop (circa 1979) 1000 S. Payne off of Dennis
McDonalds (circa 1970)
Messer's Clothing at 110 East Park
Mid-America Nazarene College - (circa 1967)
Mikes Barber Shop at 137 South Kansas
Mill Creek Park and Pool at Poplar & Woodland
Millbrooke Junior High -
Miller's Department Store at 105 West Park
Mister Donut at 519 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Musicord at 815 East Park (circa 1975)
Naval Air Park or "Plane Park" on Harrison
O.K. Bargin Store at 109 N. Kansas (circa 1962)
Olathe Bike Shop (circa 1967)
Olathe Book Store (circa 1973)
Olathe Donut Shop at 103 East Park
Olathe High School
Olathe Lanes Bowling Alley / Olathe Bowl, Inc. at 1040 Weaver (circa 1960s)
Olathe Memorial Cemetery on Woodland
Olathe Motor Inn / Olathe Motel at 402 / 400 E. Santa Fe (circa 1969)
Olathe Optical Company (circa 1974)
Olathe State Bank (circa 1974)
Old Settler's Day Carnivals and Festivities
Olivet Baptist Church
Park Street Views (circa 1950-1970)
Park Lane Sandwich Shop on Park (circa pre-1964)
Patrons Bank at 125 South Cherry (circa 1970)
Patrons Mutual Insurance east of I-35 (circa 1961)
Rendleman Office Supply (circa 1967)
Pizza Hut at 618 West Kansas City Road (circa 1969)
Pizza Queen (circa 1972)
Pizza Shoppe at K-7 and Park (previously the Pizza Queen?)
Pogy's Drive-In (circa 1967)
Putt-Putt Golf Course at 516 Kansas City Road
Radio Shak at 1016 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Ray's Magnavox 211 East Santa Fe (circa 1969)
Ridgeview Carpet at 235 South Kansas
Ridgeview Elementary (circa 1956)
Roger's Hairstyling Salon (circa 1970)
Safeway at 420 East Santa Fe (circa 1964)
Santa Fe / 150 Views (circa 1950-1970)
Santa Fe Laundry West on 1013 West Santa Fe(circa 1974)
Santa Fe Music (circa 1970)
Santa Fe Trail (circa 1968)
Santa Fe Trail Motel at Highways US 50 and 169 (circa 1957)
Schoolhouse Bar B-Q at K7 and Dennis (circa 1964)
Sears at 111 South Kansas
Seaton Moving and Storage at 618 South Kansas (circa 1974)
Shepherd's Voice Bible Book Store (circa 1973)
Shriver's Hardware (circa 1967)
Sinclair at 400 E. Santa Fe Circa 1960s
Sirloin Stockade (circa 1970s)
Smaks (circa 1962)
Snappy's Drive-In at 530 East Santa Fe (circa 1968)
Snepp Drugstore / Taylor Drug (post 1964)
Snepp Drugstore / Taylor Drug (pre 1964)
South Twin Drive-In Theatre at 119th & I35
St. Paul's Catholic Church (pre and post 1964)
Straw Hat Pizza Palace at 1404 East Santa Fe (circa 1974)
Sunflower Roller Rink at 1516 West Julia (circa 1960s)
Sutherlands Hardware 1120 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Taco Pronto at 405 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Tastee Freeze (currently Tastee Treat) at 435 South Parker (circa 1960s)
Tasty Lunch at 215 W Park (circa 1960s)
Ted's Lawn and Garden at 1211 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
Texas Toms at 409 East Santa Fe (circa 1975)
TG&Y at 115 East Park
The Book Exchange at 523 East Spruce (circa 1975)
The Carousel (circa 1973)
The Clothes Closet (circa 1971)
The Dutch Maid Drive-In on Highway 50
The Haberdashery (circa 1974)
The Ku-Ku Drive-In (circa 1967)
The Masonic Lodge at K-7 & Park (circa 1972)
The Mishmash Inc. at 1215 East Santa Fe (circa 1974)
The Olathe Community Hospital at 300 South Rogers Road (Circa 1967)
The Olathe Community Hospital at Santa Fe and Cooper (Circa 1953)
The Rumpus Room
The Sports Shop (circa 1970)
The Truck Stop at the port of entry near the Drive-In
Thriftway at 810 West Kansas City Road
Tobler's Flowers at 413 East Santa Fe
Town and Country Food Mart (circa 1964)
Trail Theatre at 118 East Park
Velvet Freeze
Vickers Service Station at 1301 East Santa Fe (circa 1957)
Vickers Service Station at 580 Kansas City Road (circa 1957)
Vickers Service Station at Highways 50 and 169 (circa 1957)
Waids at 912 South Chestnut (circa 1964)
Wards Catalog Sales at 119 S. Kansas
Warren Hannon Jewlers at 116 N Cherry
Waterworks Park on Curtis
Waymire Butcher Block at 56 Highway and Chestnut (circa 1974)
Westview Elementary (circa 1954)
Wicke's Paints
Zarda Dairy at 1309 Santa Fe (circa 1971)

Do you have pictures/scans to share? Click here to contact us and share your collection with the world.

75th Street Images (circa '50s-'70s)
85th Street Images (circa '50s-'70s)
95th Street Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Capers Corner (circa '70s)
Carnival Park in Wyandotte County
Fairmont Park
Fairway Theatre at 2820 West 53rd (circa 1960)
Fred's Burgers in Shawnee
Glenwood Theatre in Overland Park Kansas on Metcalf (circa 1969)
Johnson Drive Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Joyland Amusement Park / Joy Land Amusement Park in Wichita
The Holiday House at 75th & Falmouth
Katz at 75th and Metcalf
Katz in Mission
King Louie Bowling Alley in Overland Park (circa 1960s-1970s)
King's Food Host at 75th & Metcalf
Lakeside Drive-in
Leawood Drive-In Theatre at 120 and State Line (circa 1960)
Mugs UP Rootbeer near 75th and Metcalf in Overland Park
Peaches Records on Metcalf (circa '70s)
Putt-Putt Minature Golf Centers (circa '70s)
Metcalf Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Skateland at 87th and Quivira in Lenexa
Smaks Drive-In
Tigers Records
Ranch Mart Mall (circa 1970)
Renaissance Festival
Roeland Park Swimming Pool
Shawnee Drive-In Theatre at 12505 West 63rd (circa 1960)
Velvet Freeze Ice Cream
Villa Capri at 80th & Santa Fe
Wonderland Park in Wichita
Zarda Barbecue

Do you have pictures/scans/films to share? Click here to contact us and share your collection with the world.

All Star Wrestling Stars - Bulldog Bob Brown, Rufus R. Jones, Bobby Whitlock, Jerry Oates, Frankie Diamond, Omar Atlas, Black Angus Campbell etc.
Allen’s Drive In at 89th and State Line
Bijou Theatre in Westport
Brookside Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Brookside Theatre at 6325 Brookside in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Caper's Corner Records Flyers, Ads, Concert Promotions etc.
Cowtown Ballroom Flyers, Ads, Concert Promotions etc.
Clems (on 23rd street)
Cool Crest from the 1050s-1970s
Concert Photos from Kemper Arena, Memorial Hall, The Uptown and other Venues (circa '60s-'70s)
Dale’s Drive In,
Fairyland Park at 75th and Prospect in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Fairyland Drive-In
Fairmont Park
Flip Flop Stop (trampoline) at 7117 Wornall Road in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Freedom Palace
Hen House Grocery Store Sign - Chicken Head - Wornall
Highway Forty Drive-In Theatre at Highway 40 and 71 Bypass in Kansas City (circa 1960)
HiBoy (40 Hiway)
Isis Theatre at 3102 Troost in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Jack Frost Do-Nuts
Jerry Hays Ford
Katz at 75th and Wornall
Katz at Main at Westport Road
Katz at 30th and Broadway
KC Drive In
KC Steers Mid West Professional Football League - 1967-1971
Kelley’s of Westport
King's Food Host
Kiddie Land / Kiddieland / Kiddie-Land at 8420 Wornall Road in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Kiddie Land / Kiddieland / Kiddie-Land - Little Dipper
Kiddie Land / Kiddieland / Kiddie-Land - Miniature Train
Kiddie Land / Kiddieland / Kiddie-Land - Miniature Cars
Kiddie Land / Kiddieland / Kiddie-Land - Tickets
S. S. Kresge Co. at 3917 Main
Six Flags over Mid-America in St. Louis
Nora Denny as "Marilyn the Witch" on the Witching Hour (KCMO)
Nu-Way Drive-In
NKC Bowl
Rose Marie Earp as "Penny Dreadful" on Son of Shock
Pustch's 210
Parkview Drug Store
The Penny Pitch
Radio Memorbillia from WHB, KCMO, KBEQ, KMBR, KCKN, KY102 and WDAF (circa 1950-1970)
Any video or film of KY102 staff and/or events or of the Dick and Jay television show.
Crazy Larry and Colonel Billy Images and Ads
Randall Foods Store at 30th and Broadway
Ray's Playpen
Riverside Drive-In
The River Quay
Red-X Pharmacy
Roller Derby
Rosedale's Barbecue
Harvey Brunswick who played Shock Theatre's Gregory Grave (KMBC Channel 9)
The Seafood Cafe
Showbiz Pizza Place Rock-afire Explosion / Wolf Pack 5 Robots - Mitzi Mouse, Rolfe Wolf, Fatz Gorilla, Dook Dog and Beach Bear
Sidney’s Drive-In
Sixty-Third Street Drive-In Theatre at East 63rd and East 50 Highway (circa 1960)
Smaks Drive-In
State Line Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Stroud’s Chicken on 85th Street
Sydney's Drive-In
Swope Park Zoo in Kansas City (circa 1950s-1970s)
The Landing Mall at 63rd and Meyer Blvd. (circa '70s)
Loose Park Golf Course
The Uptown Theatre at 3700 Broadway in Kansas City (circa 1950s-1970s)
Troost Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Troost Strip Club Images (circa '50s-'70s)
TV Memorbillia from WDAF-TV, KBMA-TV, KSHB-TV, KMBC-TV, KCMO-TV, KCIT (circa 1950-1970)
Ed Muscari / Ed Muscare (Uncle Ed, Mr. Mummy, The Creeper, Edmus Scary) from Mr. Mummy Movie Time, Dialing For Dollars, Movie Jackpot, All Night Live, Nite Time Live and 41 Treehouse Lane and other KBMA / KSHB Channel 41 TV Programs
Roberta Solomon (Crematia Mortem, Sally Roberts) from All Night Live Creature Features on KBMA / KSHB Channel 41
Jackie Silberg (Miss Jackie) from 41 Treehouse Lane on KBMA / KSHB Channel 41
Mary Lou Anderson (Mother Nature and Puppeteer) from 41 Treehouse Lane and The Mother Nature Show on KBMA / KSHB Channel 41
Bob Wormington, General Manager - KSHB-TV
Kathy Tretbar (Miss Kathy), 41 Treehouse Lane - KSHB-TV
Torey Southwick from "Torey Time" and "Torey and Friends"
Frank Wiziarde / Frank Wiziardi as "Whizzo The Clown"
Local Weathermen Dick Hocter (channel 9), Fred Broski (channel 5 - Bowling For Dollars), Dan Henry (channel 4)
Waldo Theatre at 500 West 75th Street in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Ward Parkway Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Westport Road Images (circa '50s-'70s)
The White House Drive-In at 85th and Wornall
Winnwood Beach
The Wishbone Fried Chicken Dinners
Wonderland Arcade at 1200 Grand in Kansas City (circa 1960)
Worlds of Fun in Kansas City (Zambezi Zinger, Tram, Screamroller/Extremeroller/EXT, The Plunge, Cotton Blossom, Sky Heis/Sky Hi, Schusboomer, Sam Panda, Grrtude Gorilla, Dan'l Coon, Shows etc. - circa 1970s & early 1980s)
Wornall Business and Street Images (circa '50s-'70s)
Wornall Restaurant (around 82nd and Wornall)
Zesto Ice Cream

KCIT & Other Radio/TV People
Billy G. Parker Earl Flair William J. Ryan
Vintage Kansas City Rock Bands
Looking for any pictures of old KC and regional bands from the '60s-'70s:
Ted Anderson
The Blazers
The Blue Things
The Blue Velvets
The Blues Garden
Broadway Clique
The Classmen
The Chessmen
Cocky Fox
The Continentals
Danny Cox
The Dawns
The Emeralds
The Fab Four
The Fabulous Flippers
Finnigan and Wood
Freedom Express
The Galaxies
The Intruders
The Jerms
The Kordsmen
The Little Big Ones
Gary Mac & The Mac Truck
The Organtones
Pagen Ballet
Plato and the Philosophers
The Red Dogs
The Reddlemen
The Rumbles
The Serfs
The Silvertones
Snow White and The 68 Dwarfs
The Soulful Seven
The Sound of Syn
Spider and the Crabs
The Surfriders
The Thingies
The Vibrations
The Viscounts
White Clover

Vintage Kansas Concert Ticket Stubs
Looking for all KC ticket stubs from all decades - especially keen on stubs or flyers from these shows:
Sly and the Family Stone at Hoch Auditorium - November 9th, 1974
Ramones at One Block West - January 1978
Buzzcocks/Ultravox at Lawrence Opera House
Lou Reed/Ian Dury and the Blockheads at Hoch Auditorium - April 18th, 1978
Elvis Costello with Nick Lowe and Mink DeVille at Uptown Theatre - May 20th, 1978
Elvis Costello at Pogo's - February 1st, 1978
Talking Heads at Memorial Hall (1978?)
Police at One Block West - March 15, 1979
The Cramps at the Lawrence Opera House - July 31st, 1980
REM at the Lawrence Opera House - November 16th, 1982
REM at Off The Wall Hall - November 23rd, 1982
999 at the Lawrence Opera House
Peter Gabriel at Memorial Hall - December 4th, 1982
Husker Du at the VFW Hall - January 27th, 1983
Police at Kemper Arena - November 24th, 1983
Husker Du at the Lawrence Opera House - May 12th, 1984
Husker Du at the Foolkiller - May 13th, 1984
The Meat Puppets at the Grand Emporium - 1985?
Warren Zevon at Parody Hall - June 20th, 1986
Warren Zevon & X at the Uptown Theatre - October 20th, 1987
REM & the DBs at Memorial Hall - November 8th, 1987
The Balancing Act at the Blue Note October 3rd, 1987
The Balancing Act at the Lone Star October 5th, 1987
The Balancing Act at the Bottleneck October 6th, 1987
The Balancing Act at the Grand Emporium
Jellyfish at The Shadow - Early 90s

Do you have pictures/scans to share? Click here to contact us and share your collection with the world.

*AB Photo Courtesy of Alan Barley
*AL Image Courtesy of Alan Linquist
*BC Image Courtesy of Brenda Clevenger
*BG Scan Courtesy of Bob Garrett
*BH Scan Courtesy of Brian Holland
*BT Photo Courtesy of Bob Travaglione
*BW Photo Coutesy of Bob Winkler
*CW Photo Courtesy of Carrie Watson
*CF Photo Courtesy of Curt Finke
*DB Photo Courtesy of Dave Bales
*ED Photo Courtesy of Elwyn Davis
*GG Scan Courtesy of George Gray
*HL Scan Courtesy of Harry Ledgerwood
*JB Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown
*JS Photo Courtesy of Joe Shaveyfelt
*KL Photo Courtesy of Karla Lukey
*LD Courtesy of
*LO Photo Courtesy of Lloyd C. Owen, Sr.
*MH Photo Courtesy of Mikki Harper
*MM Photo Courtesy of Mike Miller
*MW - Image Courtesy of Michael Weaver
*NCE - Photographed by Norvin Cecil Ennis/Courtesy of Norvin Dale Ennis
*NS Photo Courtesy of Norman Schwartz/Laurie Corrick
*RB Photo Courtesy of Randy Brown
*RF Photo Courtesy of Rob Forsythe
*RP Photo Courtesy of Rod Padley
*SK Photo Courtesy of Stephen Kroger
*SH Photo Courtesy of Steve Hartwich
*SH2 Photo Courtesy of Steve Hawkins
*SS Photo Courtesy of Scott Sargent
*TP Photo Courtesy of Tom Polley
*UR Photo Courtesy of Uncle Roy
*WDK Photo Courtesy of W. Dave Keith
* Photo Courtesy of Ed Muscari
** Scan Courtesy of
*** Photo Courtesy of Robin Japins
**** Photo Courtesy of Gregg Katz from
*WD Photo Courtesy of Wendi Dunnuck Many Fairyland Park Photos Courtesy of Nate Brancato
Mother Nature Pictures Courtesy of Mary Lou Anderson

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