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The Abstracts (1965-68)
	John Daily - Organ, Harmonica, Vocals
	Dave Sutoris - Drums and Lead Vocals
	Larry Minkoff - Guitar (1965-68)
	Hal Pierce - Guitar and Vocals (1968)
	Bob Menadier - Bass and Vocals
	Ron Sandhaus - Lead Guitar (1966-68)
The Abstracts - Promotional Photo - 1966
The Abstracts - Neil Shapiro-designed Poster - 1967
The Abstracts - Katz Beauty Forum Poster - May 1968

The legendary K.C. agent Irv Goldman signed The Abstracts to an exclusive booking contract in 1966 and made us join the union, 
Local 34 A.F. of M. before he'd book us. Goldman had quite a roster of good bands: he also booked In Black and White, plus The Chessmann, 
The Chontels, The Emeralds, Blues Garden, Morningstar, 19th Century Sound Affair, Marshmallow Monorail, et. al., and he kept all of us working 
at high school and college dances and teen clubs (The Boom Boom Room and Hullabaloo) and KCK beer joints and private parties and Sunday 
night CYO mixers and special appearances opening shows for major acts, and occasional out of town gigs like Cornbread Martin's club outside 
Columbia and The Red Dog in Lawrence and The Frog Hop Ballroom in St. Joseph.

After breaking The Abstracts in at The Riverside Ballroom for a few weeks, Goldman showcased us at The Johnson County Community Center, 
opening for The Kingsmen at an outdoor summer show in 1966 for well over a thousand kids. Funny story: The Kingsmen's bus had broken down 
and they were running late. We played every song we knew, last but not least, "Louie Louie"! They finally showed up and were great. We partied 
with them afterwards at The Holiday Inn at Metcalf and Highway 50, pushing each other in the pool, etc. I think this was the night we broke our 
cherry in rock n roll.

In the summer of 1967, The Abstracts helped open KC's first psychedelic (with a full-blown light show) ballroom , The Place in Westport.  The 
Emeralds played their soulful sound in the 21+ bar on the other half of the building (now the Flea Market), and there was a small bar in back 
for drinks only named after Pendergast. I think it was Tom's. (Check me out on that.) In Black and White also became part of the rotation at 
The Place, as did The Burlington Express (future members of Kansas). The Mystic Number National Bank held court there every Sunday afternoon 
as well as selected weekend nights. They ruled. As you know, they recorded an album on ABC in 1968. The Abstracts also helped open One Block 
West that summer of 1967, and in the  fall started a running gig on Friday nights that ran until the summer of 1968.

A KC advertising agency hired The Abstracts to write and record several commercial jingles to recruit stewardesses for TWA in 1967, and in 1968 with 
the royalties we bought a 54 passenger school bus from The Emeralds and customized it.  That storied bus had hauled The Emeralds and their guest 
act, Motown impersonators The Sinceres (future members of Bloodstone) around the Midwest. It became The Wizards ride to many Midwestern 
destinations, L.A., Philadelphia, and New York (where they opened a show for The Jefferson Airplane at The Fillmore East). In 1969 in New York, The 
Wizards came to the attention of a producer who signed them to Mercury Records.

In 1970 The Wizards recorded an album in San Francisco for Mercury Records. Bad management resulted in no promotional tour.  Shortly thereafter, 
the band broke up.

*AB Photo Courtesy of Alan Barley
*AL Image Courtesy of Alan Linquist
*BC Image Courtesy of Brenda Clevenger
*BG Scan Courtesy of Bob Garrett
*BH Scan Courtesy of Brian Holland
*BT Photo Courtesy of Bob Travaglione
*BW Photo Coutesy of Bob Winkler
*CW Photo Courtesy of Carrie Watson
*CF Photo Courtesy of Curt Finke
*DB Photo Courtesy of Dave Bales
*ED Photo Courtesy of Elwyn Davis
*GG Scan Courtesy of George Gray
*HL Scan Courtesy of Harry Ledgerwood
*JB Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown
*JS Photo Courtesy of Joe Shaveyfelt
*KL Photo Courtesy of Karla Lukey
*LD Courtesy of
*LO Photo Courtesy of Lloyd C. Owen, Sr.
*MH Photo Courtesy of Mikki Harper
*MM Photo Courtesy of Mike Miller
*MW - Image Courtesy of Michael Weaver
*NCE - Photographed by Norvin Cecil Ennis/Courtesy of Norvin Dale Ennis
*NS Photo Courtesy of Norman Schwartz/Laurie Corrick
*RB Photo Courtesy of Randy Brown
*RF Photo Courtesy of Rob Forsythe
*RP Photo Courtesy of Rod Padley
*SK Photo Courtesy of Stephen Kroger
*SH Photo Courtesy of Steve Hartwich
*SH2 Photo Courtesy of Steve Hawkins
*SS Photo Courtesy of Scott Sargent
*TP Photo Courtesy of Tom Polley
*UR Photo Courtesy of Uncle Roy
*WDK Photo Courtesy of W. Dave Keith
* Photo Courtesy of Ed Muscari
** Scan Courtesy of
*** Photo Courtesy of Robin Japins
**** Photo Courtesy of Gregg Katz from
*WD Photo Courtesy of Wendi Dunnuck Many Fairyland Park Photos Courtesy of Nate Brancato
Mother Nature Pictures Courtesy of Mary Lou Anderson

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